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Welcome To Negi Indian Cuisine

You can be assured of a warm welcome and excellent Indian Cuisine when you join us at Negi Restaurant. Traditional and contemporary Indian dishes are on the menu as well as mouth watering sweets after the main courses. We bring to you a delicious range of products around the world . We make a conscious effort to select ingredients that are kind to your wellbeing. ...


A Real Taste
of India

At Negi Restaurant, we take pride in our work ensuring customers have an enjoyable time. The delicious genuine Indian food, newly renovated interior and great staff make the experience nothing short of exquisite. 


OUR Values

Our restaurant combines a panoramic range of proper Indian food - pioneering street dishes, Thalis (the balanced family platters), flavourful grills, regional curries and biryanis. Our unique dishes are directly linked to the true sources of Indian food , the gourmet homes & street stalls across India. Expertise from our chef mixed with quality fresh ingredients ensures a meal that is second to none. Wether it is a celebration, or a quiet romantic meal , our mission is to give you a culinary experience that you will not forget. Attentiveness without being intrusive is our policy whilst serving the finest Indian cuisine.